Vanilla Lime – Sativa

Lineage: {Jack Herer x XJ-13}

Our flagship strain is giggly, fun, and uplifting! The overwhelming lime initial taste has a little sweet creamy vanilla ice cream on the back-end and the effects are just as memorable as the flavor. She gains followers everywhere we drop her off and repeat customers keep coming back time after time because she’s reliably energetic and deliciously smooth. You’ll find yourself singing through your day with a smile on your face. More than once Vanilla Lime has been referred to as one of the best and most powerful strains for getting the job done, whether that’s on the computer, in the yard, or in the bedroom.

Palm Tree Delight – Sativa

Lineage: {Pineapple Tart #2 x Orange Headrush}

With notes of overripe fruit including strawberries, papaya, pineapple, oranges, and tropical melons this is a delectable PURPLE sativa. All purple cannabis is indica right? Not quite. She grows a beautiful shade of green, tall and lanky like any proper sativa and then during ripening she turns a deep dark, almost black shade of purple with vibrant bright orange hairs. The effects on this one are insane! It’s like she knows you and just wants to help you feel what you need to. It could make you jump out of your chair or dive into your book. Simultaneously introspective and extroverted. Truly a thing of frost covered beauty with a smooth incredible flavor and potency. Phenohunted from seed in the gardens of Honeydew during 2022.

True Grapefruit – Sativa

Lineage: {Cinderella 99 x Thai}

Exquisite aromas of fresh cut grapefruit bursts from this strain! It’s a magical way to start your morning full of energy without promoting feelings of anxiety. Amazing flavor and solid positive energy, all day long! This has been one of our favorite strains for almost 14 years. It is THE legendary B.C. Grapefruit cut and one of the longest standing strains in our stable both for its timeless flavor and insane ability to provide steady energy without the anxiety.

Heady Eddy – Hybrid

Lineage: {Pineapple Tart #2 x Orange Headrush}

Heady Eddy is exquisite! The high is such a perfectly balanced hybrid, with an ever so slight Sativa lean.  Perfect for a walk, collecting your thoughts, and releasing your inner creative genius.  Full of positivity and great vibes with a flavor to match.  Its flavor screams citrus gas, like the zest of a giant perfectly ripe orange with a gassy exhale. Heady Eddy has been steadily gaining a following and is one of our favorites after being phenohunted from seed in 2021 here in the gardens of Honeydew.

Pineapple Dreams – Indica Hybrid

Lineage: {Blue Dream x Golden Pineapple}

Golden Pineapple and Blue Dream are two very famous strains and Pineapple Dreams is THE perfect cross.  It has all of the tropical Hawaiian pineapple on the front end with a smooth blue dreamy exhale.  This well balanced Indica Hybrid is comforting, calming, and creative without putting you straight to bed.  It doesn’t induce anxiety or cause the jitters and will surely have you in the perfect frame of mind to enjoy a meal and a movie or some music and deep conversation. Phenohunted from seed in the gardens of Honeydew in 2022.

Strawberry Gas – Indica

Lineage: {Gelato 33 x Dosidos}

Dripping with petrol and perfectly ripe sweet strawberry goodness. The true heavy hitter, Strawberry Gas is for team Indica!  It will put ya down and keep ya there.  The flavor is so good that you’ll want to roll another one, but you won’t be able to summon yourself from the couch to the coffee table because she’s so strong.  

Cripes Kush

Lineage: {Og Kush x Trainwreck}

From the stables of the infamous Mr. Cripe, Cripes Kush feels like a hug around your heart with the perfect body high.  We have been working with this exceptional Indica since 2009 and it has been in our top tier ever since.  The feeling is unmatched! When it comes to welcoming, loving, friendly cannabis there is nothing like it.  It’s the perfect all day smoke giving great feelings of relaxation for your mind, body and soul.  Deeply kushy, earthy, lemon peppery, and with just a touch of sweet.  This strain smells like the forest immediately after it stops raining and it feels like the comforting embrace of a loved one.